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South Loop June Events

Things To Do in South Loop in June

June is upon us and filled with great events. We’ve rounded some up and made them the subject of our latest blog, Things To Do in South Loop in June! Here we go… We kick off with Manifest Chicago from June 1-4. Mayfest (Maifest in German) is the traditional German celebration of the arrival of  Read More

May 29, 2017
South Loop Bookstores

Bookstores And Book Events In South Loop

Who doesn’t love curling up with a good book? And now summer’s here you can do it outside, soaking up the rays. So to that end, where are the best bookstores and some book events in the South Loop? We’ve got all the answers so read on… First off, let’s cover some of those bookstores  Read More

May 20, 2017
Chicago Food Trucks

The Best Food Trucks Near The South Loop

With the Chicago Food Truck Fest almost upon us (June 24-25th in the South Loop), and the Pilsen Food Truck Social on June 10th-11th) we have food trucks on the mind. And with so many choices, we could starve before we make a choice! So what are the best food trucks near the South Loop?  Read More

May 15, 2017
Chicago Lakefront Guide

Your Guide to the Chicago Lakefront

Did you know that the name Chicago comes from a Miami Indian word for the wild leeks that grew on the bank of the short Chicago River? Yup – and over the centuries the Miami, Sauk, Fox and Potawatomi tribes all lived in the area. But can we talk about Chicago’s gorgeous Lakefront? Near the  Read More

May 9, 2017

These Healthy Eating Spots in the South Loop have Good Taste

Chicago is known for its food scene, with multiple Michelin-starred restaurants and James Beard Award winning chefs. It can seem almost impossible to maintain a healthy diet when there’s such great fine dining as well as deep dish pizza, Italian beef, and Chicago-style hot dogs around every corner. If you’re looking for places to eat  Read More

April 7, 2017

The Best Rooftop Bars In South Loop

Nothing beats a great view – well, possibly a great view with a great drink to enjoy it with – so to that end we decided to find out just what the best rooftop bars in South Loop are. Everyone loves a place to kick back, look out, and have eye candy as far as  Read More

April 3, 2017

Printer’s Row District: What You Need To Know

If you’re not familiar with Printer’s Row, now’s your chance to read up all about it. Printer’s Row – AKA Printing House Row – is an area just south of the Downtown Loop. It’s bordered on the north by Congress Parkway, on the south by Polk Street, on the east side by Plymouth Court, and  Read More

March 28, 2017

The Best Happy Hours In River North

Some of the best hours are Happy Hours – work is finally  over, you’re chilling with friends, and the food and drinks are heavily discounted. Heck, those are the things Happy Hours are made of! But where can you find the best Happy Hours in River North? There’s quite a few and trust us, we  Read More

March 20, 2017

Chicago’s Chinatown: What You Need To Know

Chicago is rich with culture and nothing is more steeped in it than our own Chinatown. Found on the South Side in the Armour Square area and founded around 1912 by Chinese immigrants who’d moved to Chicago to flee violence on the West Coast, Chinatown quickly flourished into the bustling, hustling, vibrant place it is  Read More

March 11, 2017

St. Patrick’s Day Chicago Style

So what is St. Patrick’s Day other than just an excuse to eat, drink and be very, very merry? And what is it about St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago that makes every other celebration seem tiny in comparison? We decided to find out for ourselves. St. Patrick’s Day commemorates not just the death of Saint  Read More

March 9, 2017

The Best Sushi Spots in South Loop

Everyone in the world who loves good food loves sushi (and those who don’t aren’t reading this blog so feh!). But if you’re living in the South Loop then you’ll want to know what we’ve got on offer here – and we promise you that you aren’t going to be disappointed. We love the sushi  Read More

February 23, 2017

The Best Breweries and Craft Beer Spots in the South Loop

Forget Logan Square; the South Loop is actually a pretty good place to find some of the best breweries and craft beer spots – period. But on the flipside, it’s also a good place to find some of the not-so-best ones; so what’s a person to do? Well, you can read this blog to find  Read More

February 23, 2017

Museums Near The South Loop

Everyone needs culture! Everyone needs history! A connection to those who’ve come before! And where can you get all those things? A museum, of course. We went out and consumed HUGE amounts of culture to determine what some of the museums near the South Loop are and how to find them so join us won’t  Read More

February 10, 2017
Super Bowl South Loop Chicago

Your Guide to Watching the Super Bowl in the South Loop

Trying to find the spot to watch the Super Bowl in the South Loop? Look no further, we made the calls for you and have a complete list of where you can watch the big game. Whether you’re a Patriots or Falcons fan or just trying to get in on the fun of the game,  Read More

January 31, 2017
Chicago Restaurant Week Dinner

The Best Chicago Restaurant Week Lunch and Dinner Spots

We decided to ask local foodies in the Chicago area to give us their choice picks to try during one of the most important weeks this year for windy city based foodies – Chicago Restaurant Week 2017! Composed of 14 days, from January 27th to February 9th, this event offers dining deals from over 300 Chicago  Read More

January 27, 2017

The Best Chicago Restaurant Week Brunch Spots

We decided to ask local foodies in the Chicago area to give us their choice picks to try during one of the most important weeks this year for 312 based foodies – Chicago Restaurant Week 2017! Composed of 14 days, from January 27th to February 9th, this event offers dining deals from over 300 Chicago  Read More

January 27, 2017

Why Chicago’s Tech Scene is On Fire

  One of the most exciting industries in Chicago is the tech scene. In recent years there has been incredible growth not only in the number of startups, but also in the companies that help make their success possible. With a robust community of incubators and investors, the future of Chicago tech is very bright.  Read More

January 4, 2017
Golub GoConnect 1001 South State

Your GoConnect Card Keeps you Styled, Fit, and Ready to Celebrate

In our last post we shared a few restaurants and bars where you can use your GoConnect card, but food and drink aren’t the only discounts available. This exclusive program for our residents gives you savings at a wide variety of local businesses. Here are highlights of some of the great places that can keep  Read More

December 24, 2016

Dine Out for Less with These Exclusive GoConnect Offers

As a resident of 1001 South State you can take advantage of several amenities. One of these is our GoConnect program. This discount program “connects” you with local businesses by offering exclusive discounts. Whether you’re in the mood for donuts, barbecue, burgers, or a great place to watch the game, these partners have you covered.  Read More

December 19, 2016
Wabash Arts Corridor Mural

Celebrating Public Art with the Wabash Arts Corridor

Public art is everywhere you look in downtown Chicago. Whether it’s the Picasso in Daley Plaza or the Chagall at Chase Tower, the Loop is filled with sculptures and masterpieces. With the advent of the Wabash Arts Corridor a stroll in downtown Chicago is like walking through an urban art gallery. The Wabash Arts Corridor  Read More

December 5, 2016

The Startup Series: Rippleshot

Chicago is becoming the home to many startups in the tech industry. Our city is evolving and offering a place to build a business in tech or work in the industry. From 2011 to 2015, Chicago offered over 40,000 jobs in tech and in 2015 was second in the U.S. in providing a hub for fast-growing private  Read More

November 26, 2016

Dog Parks in River North

Chicago is a dog-friendly city, with several restaurants that allow dogs on their patios as well as many dog parks. When you live in downtown Chicago, finding a place to take your four-legged friend for some outdoor exercise is pretty easy. Each neighborhood is close to at least one dog park, and River North has  Read More

November 26, 2016

Coffee Shops in River North

Coffee is the most important part of your morning routine. It’s an elixir that gets you moving and puts a brighter spin on your day. You see a coffee meme and you think, that’s me! However, you’re stuck going to the same coffee shop in River North every day. While coffee is part of your  Read More

November 17, 2016
Events in River North

Best Events in River North, Chicago

One of the best things about living in River North is that there’s no shortage of things to do. The neighborhood is filled with and surrounded by the best restaurants, nightlife, attractions, and shopping. If you’re looking for something special to do, there are fun and exciting events year-round. Here are some of the top  Read More

November 10, 2016

Top Things To Do in River North

There is no shortage of things to do in River North. Known for its restaurants and nightlife, there are also several attractions and options for entertainment. Whether you want to go bowling or play ping pong, listen to live music or browse a museum, you can find it in this downtown Chicago neighborhood. If arcade  Read More

October 18, 2016
dog parks south loop

Dog Parks in Chicago’s South Loop

Dog owners who live in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood are lucky. There are four dog parks where you can take your pup to run without a leash and mingle with other furry friends. The choices range from small dog runs to one of the largest dog parks in the city. Here’s where you can find  Read More

October 17, 2016

The South Loop’s Best Happy Hours and Drink Specials

Chicago has lots of great restaurants and bars, but going out can be expensive, especially in the South Loop. Fortunately there are several happy hours and food and drink specials. That means you can still go out and have a great time without breaking your budget. Here are some of our favorite South Loop happy  Read More

October 6, 2016

Best Gyms in the South Loop

One of the great things about living in downtown Chicago is how many options there are for getting, and staying, in shape. There are several gyms in the South Loop that can help you meet your fitness goals, whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain strength, or maintain your current physique. Here are some of  Read More

September 20, 2016

Farmers Markets in the South Loop

More and more people are interested in buying locally, and you can’t get much more local than at farmers markets. The South Loop in downtown Chicago is fortunate enough to host two markets during the warmer months of the year, giving you both morning and evening options for your locally sourced shopping. The Printers Row  Read More

September 15, 2016

Living in the Magnificent Mile

Michigan Avenue is one of the most famous boulevards in the world. Known for its shopping, the Magnificent Mile, that stretch of Michigan Avenue from the Chicago River to Lake Shore Drive, is known for its shopping, with exclusive boutiques and large department stores. This area is more than just a great place to buy  Read More

September 1, 2016

Living in the Loop in Chicago

The Loop is the vibrant heartbeat of Chicago. Filled with high rises, theaters, art, shopping, and attractions, it’s more than just a tourist destination or the central business district. It’s also a place that thousands of people call home. Living in the Loop provides a first class urban lifestyle for the resident who wants to  Read More

August 25, 2016

Your Guide to Living in River North Chicago

When it comes to prime urban living, River North is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Chicago. Living in River North means you’ve got easy access to the best restaurants, nightlife, and shopping in the city. Named for its location just north of the Chicago River, this neighborhood is a vibrant destination in its own  Read More

August 22, 2016

Your Guide to Living in Chicago’s South Loop

Here at 1001, there is a wonderful blend of attraction and history that makes living in the South Loop an environment for inspiration, convenience, and knowledge. Because in order to know where you’re going, you’ve got to know where you’ve been. Whether you’re new to the South Loop area, or it’s been your home for  Read More

July 13, 2016

Ready to Launch

Leasing Consultant Alison Jackson, Leasing Consultant Jake McClure, Leasing Manager Andrew Haried, Property Manager Ferda Guvenc hope to meet Chicago's most creative people.

Are you inspired by visionary entrepreneurs like Elon Musk? Do you dream of tackling “wicked problems” like providing clean water and healthy food for people everywhere? Does your sense of curiosity inspire you to travel the world, meet new people, and discover novel ideas? Well, if so, then you will undoubtedly “click” with the team (Property Manager  Read More

April 29, 2016