Best August Events in the South Loop

August is upon us and as the sun gets hotter, we’ve been wondering what’s coming up and going on here in the South Loop. We’re nothing but helpful at 1001 so we’ve put together our latest blog with this in mind so here it is: the Best August Events happening in the South Loop!

Kicking off our blog on the best August events in the South Loop is Belle & Sebastian performing over at the Chicago Theater on Wednesday, August 16th. Hailing from Scotland, Belle & Sebastian have morphed over the years from a twee pop group to a dance band and promise a great night out ahead of their new album release later this year. Opening up for them is Matador Records labelmate Julien Baker.

Next up on our blog on the best August events in the South Loop is the Black Beauty Reality Tour. This tour takes a three hour ride through Black Chicago and on hand will be both local historian and the people who were there when history was being made. The tour kicks off at the South Loop Hotel lounge at 11 W. 26th St., and boards at noon. Expect complimentary Mimosas and snacks – and, as their site says, do NOT expect the ordinary. Sounds like fun!

Bringing our blog on the best August events in the South Loop to a close is Chris Duarte who’s performing at Reggie’s Music Joint over at 2105 S. State Street on Saturday, August 12th at 8pm. If you haven’t heard Chris, then you really should; his blend of Texas blues-rock and jazz is pretty amazing. Reggie’s Music Joint is just one bock from the Redline and Greenline stops.

There are definitely some fun things coming our way in August here in the South Loop so we hope you have the time to explore as many as you can – and have as much fun as possible!