The Best Food Trucks Near The South Loop

With the Chicago Food Truck Fest almost upon us (June 24-25th in the South Loop), and the Pilsen Food Truck Social on June 10th-11th) we have food trucks on the mind. And with so many choices, we could starve before we make a choice! So what are the best food trucks near the South Loop? We thought you’d never ask…

We start off our list of the best food trucks near the South Loop with The Fat Shallot. Located at wherever the driver stops (it’s a food truck!!! You’ll have to check the website!), the Fat Shallot makes classic sandwiches with a twist. We sampled the Truffle BLT and loved it – the crispy bacon and avocado tasted phenomenal. We also tried the Italian Grinder (loved it) as well as their Ginger Chai Milkshake (yum!). Check out their Truffle Fries too!

Next up on our list of the best food trucks near South Loop we recommend Piko Street Kitchen the home to modern Asian street food.  When you get their homemade marinades and signature sauces in your mouth, you’ll realize why they’re so loved. We sampled the Braised Pork Belly Tacos with kimchi, the Lemongrass Chicken Taco and a Beef Slider and they were all amazing.

Like Pizza? Then check out Chicago Pizza Boss, a wood-fired pizza truck that makes our list of the best food trucks near the South Loop. We think you’ll fall head over heels for their dough recipe which, fairly uniquely, uses high hydration with flour, water, yeast, & salt. It’s then proofed for over 48 hours!  The result – which is all anyone really cares about anyway! – is pretty damn delicious! We sampled – and recommend – the Spinach Mushroom Garlic Sausage, the spicy Margherita, and the Pesto Pizza because we loved them all.

Finally, on our tour of the best food trucks near the South Loop, we recommend a taste of France at Paris Ouj La La. Oooh la la indeed! Whatever you’re looking for on a crepe, Paris Oui La La most likely has it. Ham and cheese? Bacon and eggs? Strawberries and Nutella? You can’t go wrong with Paris Ouh la la (can you tell we just like saying the name a lot?).

There are just a few amazing food trucks you can find near the South Loop. Try them all and let us know your thoughts!