The Best Sushi Spots in South Loop

Everyone in the world who loves good food loves sushi (and those who don’t aren’t reading this blog so feh!). But if you’re living in the South Loop then you’ll want to know what we’ve got on offer here – and we promise you that you aren’t going to be disappointed. We love the sushi and the South Loop is home to some of the greatest in the whole world. Don’t believe us? Read on!

First up, we hit Kai Sushi and wow. Just wow. The sushi here is top notch and the portion size is pretty generous too. We fell in love with their dynamite roll but that’s just the tip of the sashimi-sized iceberg. Their Chicago Fire Roll is amazing too as well as the Salmon Avocado roll which comes with lots of salmon. Drinks are BYOB but there’s a supermarket right next door if you forget. The seating is quaint and the lighting is pretty low – I think the word’s “ambience” – but the food is so darn good it could be pitch black for all we care!

Why don’t you come up and Sashimi sometime?

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Next up, we traveled to Niu B and dove into the stir-fried udon and ramen. Delish! Niu B comes with an incredible saki selection too which just adds to the fun. The food is fresh – which is right up there when you’re talking sushi – and well prepared and gorgeously presented. The size of the portions are solid too; nothing too skimpy but not huge either. They’re open from 11am each day and close at 10pm (or 11pm on Fri-Sat).


Umai was the next place we visited for the best sushi in the South Loop and they didn’t disappoint.  The interior had a modern loft feel to it, with décor that included a Japanese mural. The pricing is reasonable and the portions generous. We opted for something different than our usual fare and chose the asparagus beef rolls which we enjoyed tremendously. The miso soup tasted more flavorful than usual and we found the rice (just regular white rice) to be a little sweeter than your average rice – so something very special is going on here. We recommend this one big time!

Finally, we hit up South Coast Sushi. There’s a few locations but we’re happy to report the South Loop place has a full bar (with different drink deals too). It’s also one of the pricier places we hit up so bear that in mind before heading over. We sampled the Bluefin tuna ponzu and the seared scallops and loved both. The atmosphere was casual and trendy and the wait staff was friendly. Oh, and you’re given complimentary seaweed tempura and wasabi dipping sauce when you sit down – so there’s that too.

Whichever of these places you decide to go will definitely deliver on being amongst the best sushi spots in South Loop. Have fun!