Bookstores And Book Events In South Loop

Who doesn’t love curling up with a good book? And now summer’s here you can do it outside, soaking up the rays. So to that end, where are the best bookstores and some book events in the South Loop? We’ve got all the answers so read on…


First off, let’s cover some of those bookstores (the puns keep coming!) in the South Loop. Some great bookstores to get your “lit” on include Sandmeyer’s Bookstore at 714 S. Dearborn. This bookshop has been here since 1982 and carries pretty much everything you’d ever want. Take a stroll through the aisles and marvel at the sheer amount of books on display. Another great reason for hitting up Sandmeyer’s is that they’re a mom-and-pop store, not a big corporate franchise – so make sure you give them some business!


For another great bookstore in South Loop, you should check out the Paragon Book Gallery. Loated at 1507 S. Michigan Ave, Paragon is the home to rare and used books focusing on Asia. Visit their website to see the staggering array of books they have! And no list about great bookstores in South Loop would be complete without Bam! Books-A-Million at 144 S. Clark St. This store began as a simple street-corner newsstand way back in 1917 all the way over in Alabama – and boy have they come a long way since then! It’s now one of the biggest book chains in the South East and the also the second biggest book seller in the entire country!


Now, what about the book events in South Loop? Well, there are two huge ones coming up this month. The first is the 2017 Chicago Dragon Boat Race for Literacy. It’ll be held in Ping Tom Memorial Park at 300 W. 19th St on Saturday June 24th from 8am-5pm.  The boat race is over 2,000 years old and you’ll find that it’s actually a really popular sport amongst Chinese and Asian communities. And not just here – all over the entire globe! Expect well over 10,000 people at this event – it’s pretty darn popular.


If you want something a bit more bookish for your South Loop book event, then there’s the must-see 33rd Annual Printer’s Row Lit-Fest on June 10-11. It’s thought to be the biggest free outdoor literacy event in the entire Midwest and if you think 10,000 people to the above event is a lot, expect more than 125,000 at this one! But you’ll also find over 100 booksellers and books of every type and variety imaginable. Looking for a first portfolio? This is the place to look!


These are just some of the bookstores and book events happening in the South Loop. Hope to see you there!