Dog Parks in River North

Chicago is a dog-friendly city, with several restaurants that allow dogs on their patios as well as many dog parks. When you live in downtown Chicago, finding a place to take your four-legged friend for some outdoor exercise is pretty easy. Each neighborhood is close to at least one dog park, and River North has two parks that are dedicated to canines.


Dog parks are wonderful places where you can take your furry friends off the leash so they can run free. They can also socialize with other dogs, and you can socialize with other dog-lovers. Here are a few dog parks in and near River North that we recommend.

Located on the banks of the North Branch of the Chicago River, the A. Montgomery Ward Park is a popular destination during the summer with frequent activities. The dog park has plentiful room to run. You’ll never have to worry about your pup going thirsty with a water fountain that’s built at just the right height. The park’s also easy on their paws, with a special coating on the asphalt just for them.

Another dog park in River North is the Ohio Place Dog Park. Also known as the Ohio Street Dog Park, there are entrances on both Orleans Street and on Kingsbury. It’s a long and narrow park that allows for plenty of room to run. There are no water fountains or bag dispensers, though, so be sure to bring your own.

Just a little west of River North is Fulton River Park. Located in the West Loop, the dog-friendly park is small at just 0.045 acres, but it does offer a bag dispenser and water fountain. It’s also not too far from several dog-friendly patios on Restaurant Row so you can let Fido run and then sit down for a relaxing meal when the weather is nice.



There are many more places in downtown Chicago where you can let four-legged friend run free. To find more dog parks in River North, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.