Our Favorite Small Businesses in the South Loop

Owning a small business is challenging anywhere, but that’s particularly true in downtown Chicago. Everything, from rent to utilities to wages, is higher because of the location. Add to that the amount of competition there is and it’s a wonder a small business can survive at all. That’s why we love to support our neighbors who have taken on that challenge. Here are some of our favorite South Loop small businesses that we support, and you should, too!

Treat your tresses at Saraya Salon and Spa. This full-service hair salon and spa is open seven days a week. They offer several different scalp treatments, a multitude of styling options, and basically anything you could imagine for your hair. They also provide nail care, facials, massages, and body wraps. Waxing, tanning,  lash extensions, and makeup are also offered. When they say full-service, they mean it.

While the South Loop has big box grocery stores including Jewel-Osco and Whole Foods, the neighborhood has its own independently owned market. The South Loop Market has three locations. It was founded by two brothers who actually live in the South Loop. This is the place to go pick up your basic necessities as well as organic produce and beer, wine, and spirits.

In today’s world of Kindles and Nooks, there’s still nothing like holding an actual book in your hands. Sandmeyer’s Bookstore is a family-owned bookstore that’s been around since 1982. You can find the best sellers, but you can also find titles that you won’t find elsewhere. They’re aptly located right in Printer’s Row. Make sure you allow plenty of time when you visit, because you may find it hard to leave.

Chicago’s one of the best cycling cities in the country, and one of the best cycling shops in the city is located right in the South Loop. Chicago Bicycle Company opened in the neighborhood in 2016, and since then Denis Smith & Elizabeth Georgescu have expanded to a second location in North Center. The couple are aficionados themselves and have developed a reputation for having great equipment and a knowledgeable staff.

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