Museums Near The South Loop

Everyone needs culture! Everyone needs history! A connection to those who’ve come before! And where can you get all those things? A museum, of course. We went out and consumed HUGE amounts of culture to determine what some of the museums near the South Loop are and how to find them so join us won’t you?

In no particular order, we started off at the Museum of Contemporary Photography. It’s open every day of the week from 10-5 except Thursday were it’s open till 8 and Sunday where it goes from 12-5. And it’s free! Oh yes, you read that right. The exhibits are constantly changing too so you get to see the most amazing photography whenever you go, without having to spend a dime! The exhibits range from retro to controversial and if pictures are worth a thousand words, your trip to this museum will be worth MILLIONS of them when you’re done!

No piece on museums near the South Loop can be complete without mention of the Art Institute of Chicago. They have some amazing fare on display at the moment; Japanese Photography 1960-1975; Latin American Art after 1950; and Art of the Religious Orders in the Spanish Andes to mention just three. The institute is open seven days a week from 10:30am and generally closes at 5pm (except Thursdays when they’re open until 8pm). The good news about the Art Institute is that it’s huge; the bad news is that it’s huge. We felt a little overwhelmed and couldn’t find what we’re looking for so wound up looking at other stuff. We still appreciated what we saw but we were slightly disappointed. On the bright side it means we get to go back! While you’re there, be sure to check out Grant Wood’s American Gothic and Van Gogh’s room.

Next up we hit the Field Museum. It opens seven days a week from 9am-5pm and we recommend getting there early as it gets busier throughout the day. We were excited to see their new exhibit Tattoo which is indeed fantastic but be forewarned; they sometimes charge an additional fee for their bigger exhibits above and beyond the regular ticket price (if you’re a student, be sure to bring your ID for a discount). Be sure to say hi to Sue, their T-Rex on display; she must get awfully lonely at nights. But you won’t; there’s the Brooker Gallery of Lichens, Abbott Hall of Conservation Restoring Earth, Regenstein Hall of the Pacific and plenty more.

There are so many museums, so many displays and so little time! So get off your butt and take in some truly amazing sights right here in the museums near the South Loop!