Ready to Launch

Are you inspired by visionary entrepreneurs like Elon Musk? Do you dream of tackling “wicked problems” like providing clean water and healthy food for people everywhere? Does your sense of curiosity inspire you to travel the world, meet new people, and discover novel ideas?

Well, if so, then you will undoubtedly “click” with the team (Property Manager Ferda Guvenc, Leasing Manager Andrew Haried, and Leasing Consultants Alison Jackson and Jake McClure) who lead and coordinate leasing operations at 1001 South State.

1001 South State is a luxury apartment building designed for those seeking to blaze a trail and make a mark. Here, residents will connect the dots from the Wabash Arts Corridor throughout Chicago and beyond, as they tap into the creative spirit that is energizing the South Loop to create what’s next.

“My creative outlet is home renovation and innovation,” says Andrew. “Watching HGTV and reading other real estate publications gives me wonderful ideas that I then put into action.”

Alison Jackson knows that a curious mind is an engaged mind, so she finds inspiration in everyday life. “I am fascinated by all types of people: happy people, complicated people, unusual people…,” says Alison.  “For me people are the ultimate enigma. My curiosity is awakened by the people that I cross paths with on a daily basis.”

Jake McClure adds, “I am currently most curious about Chicago architecture and how it has evolved from the past to present.”

The South Loop is growing daily, and the 1001 South State leasing team encourages future residents to explore the neighborhood’s vibrant art and design scene, amazing outdoor lifestyle, and opportunity for daily discoveries. “Walking around, you can feel the great vibe. It feels like a great place to call home,” says Ferda.

1001 South State — perfect for anyone who wants to find “Where Curiosity Lives.”