Your Guide to Watching the Super Bowl in the South Loop

Trying to find the spot to watch the Super Bowl in the South Loop? Look no further, we made the calls for you and have a complete list of where you can watch the big game. Whether you’re a Patriots or Falcons fan or just trying to get in on the fun of the game, we think we have a spot for you on this list.


Game Info: 
Who’s playing: New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons
What Time is the Game on: Sunday, Feb. 5, 6:30 p.m. ET
Channel: Fox
Venue: NRG Stadium in Houston, TX

Locations with Specials:

Jimmy Greens
Special: 4$ Bud Light on Draft, $20 Mimosa Pitcher, $12 Pitcher of Bud Light, $11 Bloody Mary, $3 Shot of the Day, 7$ Mac & Cheese
Reservations: Not available on Super Bowl Day

Blackie’s South Loop
Special: Special Menu Items will include Meatball Sandwiches and a Special Soup
Reservations: Walk ins only, should be easy to get a table!

South Loop Club
Special: TBD but will include specials on shots, bottled beer, and craft beer
Reservations: Walk-ins only

Other great South Loop Bars and Restaurants to watch:

Scout Warehouse & Kitchen
Special: None
Reservations: Call-in ahead to make a reservation. This place was Top 6 to Watch the Super Bowl in Chicago and will fill up fast

Krolls South Loop 
Special: None
Reservations: Yes!

Flo & Santos
Special: None
Reservations: No reservations, walk-ins only

Kasey’s Tavern
Special: None
Reservations: First come, first serve.

Burger Bar
Special: None
Reservations: Call ahead and make a reservation!

Wabash Tap
Special: None.
Reservations: Usually don’t get packed on Super Bowl so no reservations needed!

Honorable Mention goes to:

First Draft – Would be a great spot to go but it’s SOLD OUT
Special: $30 / person includes buffet, a square, and trivia games
Reservations: Closed to Public


If you’re a 1001 South State resident, stay tuned for updates on the event that we are planning for the Super Bowl! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for details.