4 Best Yoga and Barre Studios in the River North/ South Loop

Getting in shape is on nearly everyone’s mind this time of year. Two of the best ways to achieve that goal is through yoga and barre classes. Both provide full-body workouts that are low-impact, so they’re beneficial for people of all shapes and ages. We’ve found the best yoga and barre studios in River North and the South Loop to make reaching those fitness goals easier.

If you’re looking for a results-oriented approach to yoga, Yoga Six may be the studio for you. The studio emphasizes what they consider the six results one hopes to achieve: to be stronger, leaner, clearer, calmer, braver, and go further. The South Loop location is one of many they have across the country, including several in Chicago.

Yoga may be an ancient practice, but the South Loop’s Tejas Yoga puts a modern take on it. Their contemporary spin combines a focus on incremental improvement and understands that each individual takes a different path. This means that their clientele ranges from complete beginners to those who are much more experienced.

Barre may not be ancient like yoga, but it’s gained a strong following since it was first practiced in 1959. With elements of ballet, yoga, and pilates, it offers a head-to-toe workout that promises to sculpt your body so it looks and moves like a dancer’s. Pure Barre is one of the most popular studios in the country, and they’ve got several locations in Chicago, including one in River North and another in the South Loop.

The Barre Code also has multiple studios and one of them is in the heart of River North. At these classes you’ll learn much more than just ballet moves. You’ll get in shape through cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. If you want some “punch” in your workout, take one of their Brawl classes. It combines cardio kickboxing sequences with strengthening work for the thighs and glutes.

Visit any of these yoga or barre studios in River North and the South Loop and you’ll be ready for North Avenue Beach in no time.